Sunday, March 30, 2008

hari nie n smalam

L a s t 1. Person you saw: Dev 2. Talked to on the phone: zazie n mum 3. Hugged: maintenance bOoks..heh3 4. Text: pjoe T o d a y 1. Wearing: black n white 2. Better than yesterday? : maybe T o m o r r o w 1. Is: monday 2. Got any plan: -dftar sbjek sem 08/09 -knvoi 2 CCM Chemicals P/Gudang 3.Dislikes about tomorrow: kene pkai bju kurung..pnas! F a v o r i t e 1. Number: 2 & 1 2. Color: except pink!!! C u r r e n t l y 1. Missing someone: him..heh3 2. Mood: stabil~ 3. Wanting: sile byr hutang aku..tQ

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