Thursday, March 27, 2008

why me??

A. Do you prefer to sleep or talk to afriend when it gets boring in class? - eat sumthing B. Do you wave hi with a smile or aserious face? - hallo boh!!..heh3 C. One thing that you like about yourfriends? - tyme diorg wat lwk bodo..hah3 D. The last time you cried, is itbecause of someone? - aBah E. Chocolate ice cream or chocolatebar? - hazel nut coklet bar F . Rudest thing you have done to yourteacher? - secret..hak33 G. what's the good thing aboutschool? - frenz H. Last song u downloaded? - glory glory man united..hoh3 I. Which part of your body isitchy and aching now? - usus perot J . Worms or cockroaches? - dua2 geli dowh L . If you can have a choice, would youprefer to be friends or attached withsomeone you love now? - attached! ;p M. In one word, describe your day. - bad day =( N. What website(s) have you opened? - blogspot,ym P . What song are you listening to now? - when I’m gone_simple plan Q .The latest news you've received? - klas gnti lg next wik R .Last thing you bought? - my new luv..PUTEH..hah33 S. Name 5 things you have around you - puteh,lptop,rural bOok,duit singgit n printer T. What can't you live without? - $$$ & edu U. Who can't you live withOut? - family & the reasons V. State the date, day and time at themoment - kamis,28-03-2008, 12:51am W. What do people think when theyfirst meet you? - muka awk mcm… bla..bla..bla.. X. What color is your hair? - hitam kegemaranku, nama saya rain, hehe.. Y . Natural /dyed? - natural Z. What was the last book you bought? - Parry's Valuation Tables n Conversion Tables

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