Friday, April 18, 2008

Whats on my mind (?)

1. Where is the boy/girl you like/lovenow?- dop suke sapo2 
2. What will you be doing this fridaynight?- stdy laa..tgh prekso loni 
3. Name what you did yesterday?- mkn..tdo..stdy..tdo blik..hehe 
4. Last person to call you?- my bro 
5. What are you doing right now?- wat survey nie laa.. 
6. What color are your eyes?- black lew.. 
7. Do you like anyone?- hom..suke je la..xleh lbh2..hu3 
8. Are you dating the last person youkissed?- no no no 
9. Who was the last person to messageyou?- hotlink 
10. What color is your hair?- itam 
11. Do you remember singing any songsas a kid?- twinkle2 little star 
12. What time did you fall asleep lastnight?- 3.30am 
13. Do you miss someone?- haihh~ 
14. Who knows a secret about you?- only me..huhu 
15. When was the last time you lied?- tak ingat..haha 
16. Do you like fire?- firework..sgt suke 
17. Did you have a nap today?- byk kali..haha 
18.What do you wear more, pants orsweats?- pants 
19. Where did you get the shirt you'rewearing?- kdai baju 
20. Have you ever wanted to be a prince/ss?- best jgk tu..hehe 
21. What made you smile today?- his msg..hehe 
22. Have any regrets?- nyesal tdo byk td..skg da xley tdo..huk3 
23. Where were you 1 hour ago?- kat tepi ni.. 
24. Where were you 8 hours ago and whatwere you doing?- tgk diorg main skate 
25. Has anyone ever told you that theylike you more than as a friend?- haihh 
26. Is cheating ever okay?- dop okei 
27. Who was the last person you rodewith?- sep2 nie la... 
28. What are you looking forward to?- cpt la abes exam!! 
29. Do you want to kill someone rightnow?- x baik bunuh org..dosa.. 
30. What radio station do you listen to?- lbh hangat drpd biase 
31. Do you still have pictures of you &your ex?- xtau letok mn doh..hu3 
32. What are you listening to?- tentang kita_couple

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